Checking In

Hi! I will be posting new content soon. Been very busy, but of course I'm still writing and have many ideas to share. Hello to my new followers and thank you to the ones that have stuck around! - Danielle

Quick Update!

Hey! I'm still alive, haha. Been very busy between ending the semester, getting a new job (yay), and enjoying the holidays. I have drafts I've finished and new topics I plan to write. I should be posting between this and next week! - d

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Since I am really behind Plaine Products and love the brand you can now use my own link What makes Plaine Products awesome: all natural, chemical-free products. kid safe, color safe, can be used on sensitive and designed for all hair types. all aluminum bottles are returnable, refillable, reusable, and eliminate the need for single … Continue reading Order Plaine Products Here!