Two-Ingredient Homemade Lotion

Since it is summer now and I want soft, glossy skin, I need something that really works and something I could always have easily at my disposal. I didn’t want to keep using the same products because I know how they all work. That being said, I of course, took it upon myself to make my own lotion. I’m a dedicated user of coconut oil for my skin and sometimes hair, so I wanted to incorporate that for sure. I didn’t want anything that had too many ingredients because I wanted to keep it easy and simple. After looking up the kinds of vitamins that are beneficial to skin, I decided to use vitamin E as well. Vitamin E blocks free radicals from the body, which slows down aging and wrinkles, as well as help moisturize dry skin. When making the lotion, it’s important to use a small ratio of the vitamin E to coconut oil. As good as it is, vitamin E is very heavy and can cause breakouts quite easily. It’s better to find liquid vitamin E if you can, but for the sake of convenience, I grabbed the first bottle of capsules I saw.

I take about 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil and put it in a jar along with 3 capsules (I punctured them with a pin and squeezed the liquid out). If you’re using straight liquid, I would put in 1 1/2 teaspoons of it in. Remember, this is all about preference and it depends on how sensitive your skin is and how it reacts to it. For easy mixing, I made sure the coconut oil was semi-soft and room temperature. With a spoon, I mashed it together and mixed it, leaving the consistency thick yet loose enough for easy rubbing.


***If you want to add a scent to your lotion, any essential oil would do the trick! I’d recommend a lavender or peppermint (1/2 teaspoon).

One thought on “Two-Ingredient Homemade Lotion

  1. Yuuto says:

    I followed your recipe for the two ingredient lotion I kept it fragrant free this time but I definitely will make another one with a bit of fragrance. I love the idea of making my own lotion as I am very picky with the products I buy. I never thought it was this easy look forward to another recipe. Thanks Danielle

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