My Thoughts on Social Media and Why I Took a Break

Last July, my boyfriend and I both decided to delete our Instagram app. We both got into a deep discussion about how annoying and controlling it got in our lives. I hated mindlessly going onto the app to see a bunch of photos of the same selfies, landscapes, and animals (even though the animal pictures were consistently cute). Instagram is a great app, don’t get me wrong. Out of all social networks, I think it serves the most purpose. However, I think a break from things like such are needed. We both deleted our Twitters in October 2016. I never had much to say. I didn’t care to see people’s public complaints or random sentences. Also, too much drama. Today, I still stand by deleting my twitter and never really miss it. Snapchat, I still have right now. I see that as different from Instagram and Twitter, as it is not as public and you don’t have to do much or uphold a profile. However, since I have told myself I want a lot of my life documented to look back on and to reminisce, I miss Instagram in a way. As I think of my decision, I am taking a different approach. I will post more and all of what I want. Have more of an aesthetic, including things I have done, things I like, things I’ve created, and where I’ve gone. If I were to, I would make it much more unique and well, more me. But who knows? I am enjoying myself without it as of right now. Bottom line, time-outs with social media are definitely essential in my book.

Just yesterday, I logged back on to my Instagram account. It was weird being on for the first time in about a year. I saw the changes of people I know, what they were doing, where they were, how they looked. So yes, it was still the same old stuff. Yeah, I missed it because it was easy to just scroll for awhile, looking at all the different posts and being “back in the loop”. However, I sat there and thought “do I really care though?”. I knew if I kept it I’d just always be on it and scrolling through the endless posts. Well, I ended up deleting again soon after. As of right now, I am on the fence with it, but it’s staying off my phone until I decide.

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