Glossier Daily Favorites

Glossier is one of my absolute favorite skincare brands. I like them so much because of the fact that, as they say it, they put skin first. Some of their products are part of my everyday life, and I can’t live without! Here is a short list of my daily favorites.

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser – This is the first thing from Glossier that I have tried! It feels just as it sounds. It is lightweight, but thick, and gives off a fresh, cleansed feeling after using. I like this product because of the simplicity and results of it. There are no fragrances or dyes and it is non-comedogenic, as well as other things! (check the Glossier website for full ingredient list). As described on the bottle, it is a skin conditioner and I feel it doing just that, with it including five different conditioners. Many benefits with this cleanser, I have no complaints! I use before bed and in the shower!Full 1
  • Balm Dotcom – These are their universal skin salves! Also, probably my favorite product by them! I currently have Balm Dotcom in Coconut (clear and glossy), Cherry (glossy, with a slight red tint), and Birthday (a shimmery shine that doesn’t overdo it). They also come in Original, Mint, and Rose. For me, Cherry is my favorite. It can be used anywhere in need of some moisture, I keep one in my purse and squeeze out a little bit to swipe on my lips whenever I need. The scent is just perfect; very real and sweet, but not overwhelming. They make my lips moisturized, while leaving out the heavy and thick gooey look.  
  • Haloscope – This is their highlighter stick! I do not wear face makeup, but I do love a dewy shine, so Haloscope is my exception! Having a tanner complexion, I decided to go with their Topaz shade, which is more of a golden color and says is for a “sun-kissed glow”. The other two shades, Quartz and Moonstone, are much of a pearly, bright shimmer. The outer “halo” has real crystals, and the inner has moisturizers for the healthy looking shine. This is so easy to apply. I swipe it over my cheekbones and right above my cupid’s bow! All - Slider 1
  • Glossier You – This is Glossier’s first personal fragrance! I got a sample of it along with a purchase and I was so happy I had a shot to try it before buying. I’ve seen some mixed reviews on it, so I didn’t know what to think, but it was love at first spritz. I am very picky when it comes to perfume, but this is the one for me. It is the perfect scent for daily use, no matter the occasion and not heavy or strong. However, this scent is up to the person who wears it. It is all about personal taste! 

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