A Few Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Usage

I have done a MAJOR cut down on plastic. Throughout the day I realized just how much plastic I use and how there are alternatives to reduce that. Honestly, it was quite easy for me. I am currently still learning, but I think I got a great start on how to begin with going plastic-free and zero waste. I thought I’d share!

  1. No more plastic food storage! I threw out the old plastic Tupperware and all the plastic we used for food and replaced it all with mason jars and glass Pyrex of all sizes! I utilized the mason jars in more ways than one. I used for snack storage, flower vases, and meal prepping, and even made things like salads or little meals in them (also good for portion control!).
  2. Use stainless steel straws instead of continual purchasing of plastic ones. You can buy them anywhere online and they usually come with a brush for cleaning!
  3. Try and find any reusable, returnable and zero-waste brands! I found a great brand for hair and skin, now there are no more big plastic shampoo bottles in my shower to throw out every few months.
  4. Reusable razor. We used to get packs and packs of disposables, now I just use one!
  5. Use glass storage for daily-use DIYs! I love to make my own stuff such as lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash, cleaning product, etc. I ordered a bunch of glass bottles and jars to store and refill when needed!
  6. Get your own reusable shopping bags!
  7. BYO coffee, tea, water, etc. I still struggle with this! I have reusable mugs for hot beverages, the problem for me is water. I have a weird thing with water and constantly just drink from plastic water bottles. I am trying to kick this habit!

Like I said, I am just starting off with this whole less plastic usage thing. There are so many other ways to cut down on plastic that I plan on incorporating in my life as much as I could. These are just some switches I found easy to start off with and encourage others to try if they can!

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