Eating Better and Exercise Rant

If you know me, you know I am always trying my best to eat healthy. Lately I feel my choices haven’t been the best. Now that fall is here and winter is approaching, I am all about being comfortable and comfort food. I have looked up several types of diets, made a list of what to eat and what not to eat, and even just stopped eating as much and stopped eating anything I deemed unhealthy (I never went about the deciding factors the right way). I put a whole 30 food list on my fridge to follow and it seemed pretty easy. However, I ended up straying from that diet plan as well. So… I am still trying what works for me. When school started up in September, I froze my gym account until I got into the routine of everything. I have not gotten around to going back- until now. I’ve decided to unfreeze my account and get back into the gym as soon as next week! When I was going to the gym, it motivated me more to eat better and vice versa. I felt more energized and healthy when I was going, like I was doing more for myself. I’ve told myself COUNTLESS times that “this is the week! Starting Monday no more bad eating!”. It never lasted long. I do think I am strong enough to say no. I do know how to. But I feel we should never deny ourselves and hold out. If you want to get the burger instead of the salad one night, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with that. BUT, there needs to be limits without a doubt.

This was just a small rant that I needed to get out. I plan to get myself active and make a change in my diet. I am doing this for myself, and I think that is the first step. I want to feel good through what I am eating and doing with myself. I am not happy with how I’ve been doing regarding food and exercise. I have notices changes with myself that I want to get rid of. All these reasons stem from myself and I will change them. I am the only one that can do that!

I really have been stressing lately with issues pertaining to this. I am writing this to make it clear that I WILL find an eating plan that works for me and I WILL get myself active. I realize anyone can find something that works for them and only they can figure that out. I know I will.


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