The Struggle in Picking a Major

You are NOT alone if you aren’t set on a major.

The crazy part is, most people that I’ve met do know what they want to do. It may not sound crazy to everyone, but to see everyone just so set and sure about things was more common than I thought… weird. I never fully thought about picking just one thing to do forever. I have several interests and I just can’t land on one right now. I felt like I was behind everyone else or just simply unprepared for my future. But I knew most importantly not to rush myself into anything. I realized it is fine to take my time. I realized maybe there are some paths I didn’t discover yet or maybe I’m not aware of it yet. Maybe some things I didn’t think for me might actually be exactly what I want in the end. I think it is important to keep your options open, so not having a major is not the end of the world.

Now, I am fully OK with not having an idea set in stone. I plan to take my time and figure out what I like and what is going to support me well in the future. I realized I didn’t need to just pick something to sound more sure and serious- which is something I often felt I had to do.

I am constantly back and forth with myself regarding my major. As of right now, I have my “major of the month” as I call it. The one in place I jump to when people ask me what my major is. I think this one might be it, though. Who’s to say?

This goes for everyone: when you know, you know.

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