Order Plaine Products Here!

Since I am really behind Plaine Products and love the brand you can now use my own link https://www.plaineproducts.com/ref/318/.

What makes Plaine Products awesome: PLAINE PRODUCTS SHAMPOO

  • all natural, chemical-free products.
  • kid safe, color safe, can be used on sensitive and designed for all hair types.
  • all aluminum bottles are returnable, refillable, reusable, and eliminate the need for single use plastic. (good for both the planet and you!)
  • the 16oz products will last you AT LEAST 2 months and up to 4 months.

My personal thoughts on Plaine Products:

The thing I love about Plaine Products is what they are doing for our planet like no one else. Their system of refilling aluminum bottles and sending back when empty is the best way for cutting down on single use plastics, and I’m all for that! I mostly use their shampoo. Coming from my hair’s perspective, it’s much more shinier and fuller. Also, my hair is super soft. I have gotten compliments and questions as to how my hair is the way it is. I do not have to wash it as much either! Due to the constant straightening I used to put my hair through, it was much dry and thinner. I have used Plaine Products as I mostly stopped the heat styling and I have gotten my hair with weight and sleekness back! This is why I will always use this brand!

I 100% recommend trying this brand out.


Plaine Products Shampoo Review

Here’s a quick little review on a great brand I’ve found out about!

About a month ago I was introduced to an awesome and ethical brand called Plaine Products. I quickly went to their website after seeing their aluminum bottle usage for shampoo, conditioner, face wash, etc. I discovered that this brand uses only completely reusable bottles. I was really into their method of buying products and sending back empties for refills to reduce plastic waste, which is unlike most hair/skin brands. You order your products, and when empty, can send back in for a refill or for someone else to use! I truly think it’s a great system.

Being a first time buyer, I ordered their 16oz shampoo and a shampoo pump (I did not have a pump previously so I had to select the option that includes one pump). I ordered the rosemary, mint and vanilla scented shampoo. They also have a citrus lavender scented one as well!

After first wash, I’ve noticed my hair is the shiniest it’s been in a long time. It’s sleek and has a healthy bounce to it, thanks to the fact that there are NO harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances. The shampoo is all natural, which means there’s nothing heavy or unhealthy going into your hair. My hair also smells AMAZING because of it! It gets better with every wash! This is the my favorite shampoo, and I plan to use this and only this from now on. No bad hair days with Plaine Products. I highly recommend this brand, due to the great things it does for your hair and our planet.



My Japanese Hair Straightening Experience

Two weeks ago, I made the best decision with my hair, ever. I’ve done Japanese hair straightening (aka thermal reconditioning). “Straight hair” was never in my vocabulary when describing my natural hair. When I was younger it was wavy and somewhat manageable. It didn’t matter then, anyway, because I was a kid. Looking back before puberty, I wish my hair would’ve stayed the calmer wave it was from about ages 6 to 14. Throughout high school, I spent literally hours straightening my hair for it to be perfect for only two days and then redo it all over again. It was a vicious cycle. Even after high school, I continually straightened my hair throughout my semesters of college and summertime. Realizing it was too much to continue doing to myself and to my hair, I did deep research. I’ve tried keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, at-home conditioners and nothing has worked besides making my hair super shiny for a day or two. After committing to a more permanent solution, I learned about Japanese straightening. This method straightens the hair by breaking the protein bonds that give hair shape and grows out along with new hair growth. I looked at reviews and countless YouTube videos to see coarse, curly hair turned into the silky, straighter hair I’ve always dreamt of.

This hair procedure isn’t done anywhere. There are many “fakes” out there who do this Japanese straightening with the wrong chemicals and wrong knowledge and guarantee amazing hair for a cheap price. Unfortunately, people who go to those places have an awful experience and end up getting their hair seriously damaged. I was lucky to find a great place with a stylist who took this very seriously. So, if you want to get this done, make sure to know who is doing your hair and previous customer experiences!

The Procedure: I was first taken to get my hair washed. After I was brought back to the chair, they applied the first chemical to my wet hair from root to tip. It was left on for about 15 minutes. After that, I was brought back to wash it out and back in the chair, where it was dried with a blowdryer. At this time, my hair was already noticeably straighter. But, it was not done. After it was dried, a straightener was used to completely straighten it and another chemical was put on and left for another 15-20 minutes. For the last time, back to the sink to wash. Once more, my hair was blowdryed and straightened. To start off my hair more healthier with the treatment, my stylist trimmed my hair and took off any split ends. This was the result:

Silky and straight! Scroll down to see a before and after!

I would definitely recommend this hair treatment if, like me, you struggled with curls that you cannot tame and spend too much time on straightening! This really changed my life, saving me from hours of straightening and tons of dollars on hair products, straighteners, and salon visits.